Out this fall, a new collection of thirteen stories that go FULL THROTTLE. This is my first collection of shorts since 2005’s 20TH CENTURY GHOSTS (STRANGE WEATHER was four novellas, which is something of a different beast).

The book features a pair of collaborations with the best writer I know: my dad, who leant his pen to both “Throttle” and “In The Tall Grass” (Netflix will soon release the latter as a feature). FULL THROTTLE also includes “Faun,” another Netflix-film-to-come. There’s a story here that will be the basis for an episode of the upcoming Creepshow anthology, on Shudder (I’m not sure I’m clear to identify which one yet). There are two never-published tales: “Mums” and “Late Returns.” Then there’s “You Are Released,” which was just nominated for a Bram Stoker Award, and which was selected for inclusion in Ellen Datlow’s Best New Horror collection. And there’s a bunch of other stuff besides.

You can preorder now from the usual suspects: https://bit.ly/2CGmroj 

If you do check it out, here’s hoping you have some fun with it. And hey, maybe I’ll see you on the road in October and scribble in yer book?