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Lots going on this season.

For starters: this fall sees the release of the inaugural edition of Houghton-Mifflin's Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy. I still have trouble believing they asked me to be the guest editor on the thing, but they did, and I'm terrifically honored. Series Editor John Joseph Adams read a gazillion stories, winnowed them down to the best 100, and from those I selected my 20 favorite. I hope very much that you enjoy it... and if you love great writing, ingenious concepts, and vivid, relatable characters, I think you will, whether you are a genre fan, or just curious. Check it out.

In October, Audible will unleash their audio dramatization of Locke & Key, featuring voice work by Tatiana Maslanay of Orphan Black, in the part of female Dodge, and performances by the likes of Haley Joel Osment, Kate Mulgrew, and something like 50 other actors. Here's hoping its sweet music to your ears.

IDW Publishing is preparing the release of their absolutely enormous, absolutely staggering limited edition of NOS4A2 and WRAITH, joined together between two covers for the first time, crammed in alongside a mountain of extras. Charlie Wilson iii illustrated the shit out of the novel, with a whole series of stunning new color plates and spot illustrations, and IDW pulled out all the stops to make the book itself a thing of glory. I don't know how much I'm allowed to show off just yet, but get an eyeful of the slipcase:

This monster signed edition is available for pre-order through your friends at Subterranean Press.

Could there possibly more? There's more.

Exactly one decade ago this October, my first book was published, a collection of my stories titled 20th Century Ghosts. It was passed over by all the big mainstream publishers Stateside, but a small UK house, PS Publishing, decided to take a chance on it, and it was really the start of everything for me. Now PS is preparing a 10th Anniversary Edition, signed and with all new art by the astounding Vincent Chong (who illustrated the original). Visit their website to find out how to order.

Finally, I appear to be doing a few appearances this fall, I guess to promote some of this stuff, or maybe just to get out of my office for a few days, I'm not sure which. I'm finishing up the fifth draft of THE FIREMAN right now and God knows it'll be nice to see some actual human beings.

First up I'll be at the Halloween Book Festival in North Andover on October 3rd, alongside frightmiesters like Paul Tremblay (his new book A Head Full of Ghosts is supposed to be awesome), Christopher Golden (ditto Tin Men), Kelly Link (wow, I hope you bought her new collection), and others. All the details are here.

Then I'll be making my way to the U.K. to yap about the next novel, The Fireman (out next May), goof off with the Gollancz crew, and help launch PS Publishing's 10th Anniversary release of Ghosts.

You can find me first in Manchester:

And then in London:

... followed by a stop at Forbidden Planet, a jaunt to Bristol, and a skip over to Birmingham.


Winding up, finally, in Nottingham for British FantasyCon, where I'll be honored in the style to which I am accustomed:

Note: I'll only be at FantasyCon for opening night and perhaps a scrap of Saturday morning. Then I'm off.

It's very hard to imagine people won't be thoroughly sick of me by then, but if I return from the UK uncooked, you'll be able to find me at Brookline Booksmith on November 14th, at 7PM.

That's where I'll be doing an interview with Ben Blacker for the Nerdist Writer's Panel. (There was a plan to do the interview in September, but it fell apart and had to be rescheduled) This is a ticketed event; the proceeds are going to support 826 Boston. If you already bought a ticket, it's still good. We'll try to make it worth your while!

Then, in December...

... oh fuck December. In December I'm taking a nap.