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HORNS is out in theaters on Halloween. I'm so excited, I feel like my head is exploding: My Horns


I do hope you'll go see it and that you have fun if you do. If it doesn't open locally, don't worry. You can bring the devil home with you on VOD: it's available now on iTunes, Amazon, XFinity, and a variety of other direct services.

I'll be out next week doing some promotion for it in NYC and LA, attending both the East Coast and West Coast premieres. Catch you on the road.

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I'm auctioning off a signed and doodled copy of LOCKE & KEY: WELCOME TO LOVECRAFT, and a signed and doodled copy of LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES, the leather-bound IDW limited editions. Both books include the full scripts for each storyline, and the oversize pages allow you see every centimeter of Gabriel Rodriguez's art in their full detailed glory. I'll be donating the complete proceeds to the Pixel Project, to support their efforts to combat violence against women. (Note: HEAD GAMES auction to come shortly...)

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Did you maybe want to pick up a signed book without dropping a mountain of cash on eBay? At the suggestion of Lemony Snickett - no, really - I've partnered with Water Street Books to offer signed books directly to people who want them. The arrangement is simple. Call in and order from them; tell them what you want; I'll drop by the store and sign them when I can.

I'll be signing something like two times a month, so I only warn you it's possible you might have to wait a few weeks for delivery. The offer ends... er... I don't know. We're going to let it roll for a while and just see how it goes. But I imagine it will continue at least through the holidays.