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In Deep Water

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9780062359551 Got a short story, "By The Silver Water of Lake Champlain," out in eBook, as of April 29th, on the digital platform of your choice. Here's the hypothetical dust jacket:

Little Gail London and her friend Joel Quarrel are out on a cold and lonely morning at the end of summer, when they make the find of the century: a dead plesiosaur, the size of a two-ton truck, washed up on the sand. With the fog swirling about them, they make their plans, fight to defend their discovery, and face for the first time the enormity of mortality itself... all unaware of what else might be out there in the silver water of Lake Champlain.

"Silver Water" first appeared in the Ray Bradbury tribute anthology, Shadow Show, and owes a debt to "The Fog Horn." I would say that "Fog Horn" is one of my favorite Bradbury stories, but they're all favorites.