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LOCKE & KEY: ALPHA & OMEGA is out, everywhere comic books are sold and that aren't buried under twelve feet of snow. Fight your way past the man-eating polar bears and pick up your copy!


It is also possible to buy the book with a gorgeous slipcase that will hold all six volumes. The slipcase comes with the hardcover of Vol. 6 in it, and cardboard filler, so if you already own the first 5 books, you don't have to buy them all over again to get the slipcase.

No, I don't know if they'll be selling all six books in the slipcase as a gift set. I hope they will.

Want a signed copy? You can order from River Run Books in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, right through Sunday the 9th. Books will go out after the 12th. I'll sign up to three books for each order, but one of the books has to be Alpha & Omega. River Run will do everything in their power to get your books to you mint, but if it gets banged up in the mail, that's on the Postal Service, not them. Also, er, no promises on doodles this time. I'll probably randomly doodle in a few, but in the interest of getting everyone's book signed and in the mail in a timely fashion, I'll prolly mostly just sign things. (Sorry! I love doing the doodles. And I love that you guys love them, considering how bad they are.)

I'm also signing this Saturday, February 8th, at the amazing Stairway to Heaven Comics in Exeter, New Hampshire, from 4:30 - 5:30. You can find Stairway down the steps, beneath Water Street Books. I might do some bad doodles, you never know. And even if I don't doodle, I'm confident I will be able to correctly spell my name. Come see me! Water Street Books is also having a cookbook author in at the same time, so you can sneak upstairs and listen to her and maybe snag a cupcake.

Thanks for reading Locke & Key. Gabe and I had the time of our lives.