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Wraith: Welcome To Christmasland #3 was released unto the world last Wednesday and can be found in your local comic store and on all your digital devices. It has been well reviewed.

The cover above features some art from NOS4A2... a drawing by the 8-year-old Millie Manx, showing a happy afternoon with Dad in Christmasland.

As it happens this started out as a sketch of my own, but I'm such a bad artist, I couldn't even convincingly fake the work of an 8-year-old kid. So Gabriel Rodriguez went back over my original illustration with his own pen and somehow made it scary and believable and that's the version we used in the novel. Which makes this (a) my first visual collaboration with Gabe, and (b) my first cover! I'm still waiting on the check from IDW for my cover art. :-(

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eBook List

While I wasn't paying attention, NOS4A2 climbed back onto the New York Times Bestseller list, this time in the eBook category. That's the first time I've ever been on the eBook list! NOS4A2 also surfaced on the outer limits of the print & ebook combined list. My week hath been made AND MADE WELL.

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NOS4A2 is not the only thing I have for sale in the eBook market, koffkoff.

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