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Wolverton Station Cover

My short story, "Wolverton Station," is out today in pretty much every ebook format you can imagine, for the el cheapo price of .99. Here's the dust jacket copy (or what would be the dust jacket copy, if eBooks had dust jackets):

Saunders made his fortune as a hatchet man for hire and "The Woodcutter" has brought his sharpest axe to England to do what he does best: maximize corporate profits by chopping down the little guy. But his train north is about to make an unexpected stop in the deep dark woods, to let on some hairy-handed gents straight out of the darkest kind of fairy tale. Now "The Woodcutter" is up to his ankles in blood and finding out just what it really means to live in a dog-eat-dog world...

I wrote it longhand over the course of three days, while riding the rails with my friend Jon Weir, for the UK book tour of HORNS. That's a bit of a rarity for me. Most short stories take at least a week, and at the time I hadn't yet started the practice of handwriting all my first drafts.

It was first published in Tales of Dark Fantasy 2 (Subterranean Press). I don't believe it's ever had a wider release.

The loutish football-fan werewolves may or may not have been inspired by actual passengers.

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I will be in New York City on January 15th, to do a reading as part of the ongoing Fantastic Fiction series, hosted by the KGB bar and organized by Ellen Datlow. Come on out and see me and author Ennis Drake. All information here.

At the moment this is my only planned appearance in 2014. I'm sure I'll wind up doing one or two other things, but for the most part would like to spend the new year flying under the radar to get some writing done. I have a novel to finish (THE FIREMAN) and a pair of novellas I'd like to write and a few projects to work on with Gabriel Rodriguez later in the year. I'm also curious to see what I come up with when I don't have to write anything... when I can just sort of free-associate in a lazy way.

Don't worry, though, I won't completely disappear. WRAITH will continue throughout the winter and spring, and there might be some more eStories popping up in the year to come.