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Slay Bells Are Ringing

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... Slay bells? Get it? GET IT? Like Sleigh bells, only not? Do you get it do you - oh nevermind. Sigh. How about you just feast your eyes on the glorious holiday cover for NOS4A2, which is now out in trade paperback?  


My understanding is that William Morrow will only be offering the holiday cover for a couple months, and then, just like the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's, it'll be gone! And there's nothing worse than getting your face fixed for a Shamrock Shake, and getting to MickeyDees, and finding out they stopped selling them the day before. You understand what I'm saying to you.

Besides, the holidays are almost upon us, and NOS4A2 is the kind of gift book that can do double duty. It's a great All-Hallows Read gift, but also, nothing says Merry Christmas like a ride with Charlie Manx! Let everyone in your family know how much you love them by sending them on an all-expense paid ride to Christmasland! They'll scream for joy!

*   *  *

So something wild happened to me last month. Amazon made the Kindle edition of HORNS a .99 Daily Deal, and the book zipped to the #1 spot on the Kindle chart, where it hung out for three days, absolutely the highest I've ever had a book go. They had such a good time with that, they decided to offer the eBook of Heart-Shaped Box, my first novel, at $2.99 for the entire month of October


They've kept the price on HORNS low as well, slinging it for $5. Big thanks to everyone who picked up either of those books, whether you bought 'em for Kindle in the last month, or picked them up in some other form, from some other bookseller, at some other time.

*   *   *

Next month sees the release of WRAITH, a story I wrote about Christmasland, the sadistic wonderland cheerful amusement park at the heart of NOS4A2. You don't need to have read the novel to enjoy the comic, and you don't need to read the comic to enjoy the novel, but the two do play nicely together. The fella drawing it is Charlie "Talent" Wilson iii, and his work reminds me of something someone said about Texas Chainsaw Massacre: "Before Chainsaw, there were plenty of movies about psychos, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the first film I ever watched that felt like it had been directed by a psycho."

Here's a page.


First issue should be out in four weeks.

*   *   *

Which reminds me, there's another comic I write. Gabriel Rodriguez is drawing the final issue of Locke & Key right now, and as far as I'm concerned he's doing the best, most moving, most beautiful work of his life.

I was surprised by reviewers who thought that after Locke & Key: Alpha #1, there was no more story left to tell. Plenty more where that came from. And besides... Locke & Key isn't over until Dodge says it's over.

Dodge This

And don't you forget it.