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Locke & Key: Alpha #1 drops into stores today... one of two extra-long issues leading up to the end. Next issue, Gabe and I turn out the lights, close the door, and lock it behind us. We both hope like hell you enjoy how it ends.

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HORNS premiered in Toronto last weekend, and while the film won't be in theaters for a while, here's a clip:

Daniel Radcliffe is such a perfectly perfect Ig.

There have been some questions on Twitter about why the film isn't in theaters NOOWWWWWWWW. Without going into the knotty details, it's an indie feature, and releasing an indie feature is as different from releasing a big studio tentpole film, as acupuncture is from a knifing. HORNS won't be out until it has the right distributor and they've figured out the ideal window to put it in theaters and they've prepared the right promotional campaign. Look for it sometime in 2014.