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The End

LOCKE & KEY: OMEGA 5 is out today, in your local comic store, and on ComiXology's digital platform. For long-time readers, this brings us to the last few steps before Gabe and I shut the final door and turn the final key. Omega #5 will be followed by two extra-long issues: Alpha 1 & 2... and then it's over. Alpha #1 is due in August.

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Am very pleased to hear NOS4R2 hit the UK's Sunday Times bestseller list at #10. That's the first time I've ever made the list over there. NOS4A2 (as it's titled here) is still doin' pretty good on American soil, as well, with a short and sweet hit from the Florida-Times Union that calls it "the must-read horror novel for this year."

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Smoldering down the road is the release of HORNS, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Still no scheduled release date, but if you have a jones to learn more about the film, there's a fine interview here with director Alexandre Aja.

(Daniel Radcliffe photo credit - Entertainment Weekly)