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$(KGrHqNHJFIFEFjY(J(2BRDB8nyH7w~~60_12 The American release of NOS4A2 is on Tuesday, April 30th, in hardcover and in all the usual eBook formats. I hope you'll take a chance on it.

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Here's a book trailer:


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I'll be at Water Street Books on Tuesday night to celebrate the release of the novel. The next morning I head out on a national book tour. All the tour dates are here.

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On the fence about picking up the book?

A few good reviews here to help you think it over. Nudge, nudge.

Update (April 28)Janet Maslin, in the New York Times. I'd need help from NASA to get any higher than I am right now.

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NOS4A2: the unofficial soundtrack, for your listening pleasure.

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NOS4A2 will also be out this Tuesday, in eBook format, for UK readers. The bad news is that the hardcover release won't be until a few weeks later, at the end of May. The good news is that I'll be there to support it, trotting around to sign and read and all that good stuff.

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Here is Gabe's pencil sketch of Lou Carmody, who looks here like he might be calling his local bookstore to see if they have copies of NOS4A2 in stock. You don't want Lou to get the last copy do you???!?

Lou pencils sample

Thanks fer reading guys. I hope you have fun with it. See you out on the road.