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Have My Cape To Cry On

Four-Color Fantasies, NOS4A2Joe Hill


This is out today from IDW: a treasury-size collection of four stories, "The Cape," "Freddy Wertham Goes to Hell," "Open the Moon," and "Kodiak." I scripted two, while the other two were based on my stories and scripted by Jason Ciaramella (Cape '69, Godzilla). Art by Gabriel Rodriguez, Zach Howard, Seth Fisher, Langdon Foss, and Nat Jones.

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One week until NOS4A2 is available in stores. Sam Thomas, of Dealer, said:

The question that matters most – or perhaps the only question – is this: Is "NOS4A2" is any good?

Oh, my yes. "NOS4A2" will pull you in from the first pages, and draw you away from your other responsibilities. If you are going to read it, make sure someone else is watching the kids. (And, for reasons that shall become clear, do make sure someone is watching them.)

So that's pretty cool. I pull out on the road on the 30th of April, with an opening night event at Water Street Books, in Exeter, New Hampshire. My full tour schedule is here.