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From time to time, Warren Ellis reintroduces himself over on his blog, and I think that's probably a good idea. It just seems polite to say hello to new readers from time to time, and greet your long-time readers all over again. So. I'm Joe Hill, I do things with words for a living.

Horns large

I've written four novels and one collection of short stories. Here they are, in reverse chronological order:


NOS4A2 (2013)

The story of a bad man with a car that runs on human souls. Probably not recommended for fans of car-sharing services like Uber.

Horns5 copy

HORNS (2010)

The story of an unlucky devil. Not recommended for people who go squirmy at the mention of snakes.



The story of a man who buys a ghost online and then is distressed to find out about the no-returns policy. Probably not recommended for people addicted to shopping online.



A whole bunch of stories, including the one about the inflatable boy, the one about the ghost that haunts a small town movie theater, and the one about the dude who can fly with the help of his childhood cape.

My second novel, HORNS, was turned into a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe, and is available for download in all the usual places. It will be out in early 2015 on BluRay.


I'm also a writer of comic books. My series, LOCKE & KEY - created with artist Gabriel Rodriguez - first appeared in 2008, and ran for six years, before it concluded in 2013.


LOCKE & KEY is about an old New England mansion littered with impossible keys and full of impossible doors. There are six books in the series.

I also wrote a graphic novel called WRAITH, which uses characters and locations from NOS4A2... although you do not need to read NOS4A2 to enjoy it, nor do you need to read WRAITH to enjoy the novel. The two are related but completely independent. It was published in 2013, with art by Charles Paul Wilson iii.


WRAITH is about some escaped convicts who wind-up in the wrong getaway car and who would've been better off just going to jail. It also includes a kind of origin story for Charlie Manx, a man who loves Christmas more than is probably healthy.

As for future work, I recently finished a new novel, THE FIREMAN, and hope to see it in bookstores by early 2016. It's always possible it will take longer, though - it's impossible to underestimate my ability to drag things out.

I'm also editing BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY, part of Houghton Mifflin's awesome BEST AMERICAN series. That will be out at the end of 2015.

I only update this site once a month, or sometimes less, and it primarily serves as a billboard to mark the release of new work.

I keep a more personal, chatty blog over on Tumblr, under the name joehillsthrills. There's usually new content there at least once a week.

I tweet from time to time, as well.

My thanks for your interest - and happy reading.



Go To Hell

HornsJoe Hill

HORNS is out in theaters on Halloween. I'm so excited, I feel like my head is exploding: My Horns


I do hope you'll go see it and that you have fun if you do. If it doesn't open locally, don't worry. You can bring the devil home with you on VOD: it's available now on iTunes, Amazon, XFinity, and a variety of other direct services.

I'll be out next week doing some promotion for it in NYC and LA, attending both the East Coast and West Coast premieres. Catch you on the road.

*   *   *



I'm auctioning off a signed and doodled copy of LOCKE & KEY: WELCOME TO LOVECRAFT, and a signed and doodled copy of LOCKE & KEY: HEAD GAMES, the leather-bound IDW limited editions. Both books include the full scripts for each storyline, and the oversize pages allow you see every centimeter of Gabriel Rodriguez's art in their full detailed glory. I'll be donating the complete proceeds to the Pixel Project, to support their efforts to combat violence against women. (Note: HEAD GAMES auction to come shortly...)

*   *   *

Did you maybe want to pick up a signed book without dropping a mountain of cash on eBay? At the suggestion of Lemony Snickett - no, really - I've partnered with Water Street Books to offer signed books directly to people who want them. The arrangement is simple. Call in and order from them; tell them what you want; I'll drop by the store and sign them when I can.

I'll be signing something like two times a month, so I only warn you it's possible you might have to wait a few weeks for delivery. The offer ends... er... I don't know. We're going to let it roll for a while and just see how it goes. But I imagine it will continue at least through the holidays.

eBooks, HEART-SHAPED BOX, and you:

Heart-Shaped BoxJoe Hill


For the next two weeks, in partnership with BitLit Media, my publisher and I are launching an experiment. If you own a physical copy of my first novel, HEART-SHAPED BOX – in hardcover or in paperback – you can now get a free copy of the eBook, which you can read using the software of your choice (iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and all the rest). I am awfully goddamn excited about this.

Getting your book is easy and weirdly fun. The instructions, and a dedicated HEART-SHAPED BOX page, are here. But I will repeat them for your convenience:

"1. Download the BitLit app (Android or iPhone).

2. Use the app to snap a photo of your print copy of Heart-Shaped Box.

3. Write your name on the copyright page. Use the app to snap a photo of it.

From there, we’ll send you an email with your coupon code to get the eBook edition of Heart-Shaped Box for FREE from HarperCollins."

This offer is available only to US customers (for now).

Simple, right? Although this requires very little effort, the BitLit software is normally even more frictionless and delightful. That last step (the coupon code) is something my publisher did, I think so they can more closely track the results of the experiment. Normally, after BitLit confirms your book, they’ll set up an instant download. Cool, right? If our experiment works out, I’m sure we’ll move in that direction in the future.

And I hope our experiment does work out. I very badly want this to be a roaring success.

You may or may not know that for the last few months there has been an intense, sometimes nasty debate about what eBooks should cost and (maybe more importantly) who should get to set the price. Millions of dollars ride on the outcome, and the enormous corporations involved have been throwing sharp elbows. It’s a Big Deal.

For myself, I know – and believe we can still have – a thriving, healthy literary ecosystem, with big publishers and little ones, big bookstore chains and cozy indies, the convenience of online shopping and the pleasures of visiting your local brick-and-mortar place. And the BitLit software feels like technology in the service of supporting the whole ecosystem, instead of undercutting any one part of it. If you can go to your local indie, and get the eBook free for your Kindle (or iPad or Nook or whatever) when you buy the hardcover, you don’t have to choose between the big guy and the little guy, or between paper and digital. It doesn’t have to be a zero sum game where someone’s win is someone else’s loss.

So, yeah, I hope you’ll take us up on our offer. If you own a physical copy of HEART-SHAPED BOX and live in the U.S. go get your free eBook. If you haven’t bought a copy of HEART-SHAPED BOX in paperback, I hope you’ll consider it. I’d like the results of this experiment to blow HarperCollins out of their socks. If this works big, maybe we can expand to other territories and other books. It isn’t entirely up to me, and I love my publisher and want them to be happy, so no promises, ‘kay? But if you do make use of the BitLit system over the next couple weeks to get your free copy, know that I’m tremendously grateful.

And I apologize deeply to everyone who follows me on Twitter because I'm about to spend the next two weeks relentlessly flogging the shit out this deal. Hope you don't get too tired hearing about it.